Our company specializes in sales, rentals, service, and maintenance for forklift batteries and electrical Pallet Jacks.

Our Services

Covering networks of charges, systems with unlimited energy supply and critical use systems 24/7.

Battery Rentals

Rental of battery banks with up 1100 AH at 8 hours


Batteries for electric elevators, sweepers and electric cars.

Power converters, charging boards & personal protection equipment.


Training and courses for the proper use of industrial battery and direct current systems

Emergency Services

We have equipment, portable battery banks, and calibrated discharge devices.


Personal protection equipment systems for battery rooms.


Preventive service, corrective service, analysis and trial of stationary industrial batteries and charges

OK! This is how we work at ECD Batteries

You Call Us!

When you call (619) 488 4820 our agents will take care of your needs.

We Schedule

We collect all the information necessary to analyze and plan the best solution as soon as possible.


We will make sure your batteries are always working.

Battery Service
Call for Pricing
per Battery
  • Loan battery*
  • Capacity trial
  • General cleaning
  • Chassis painting
  • Report of charge/discharge
  • Performance graphics
  • We buffer acidity
Replacement of cables
$185.00 dlls
per Battery
  • Replacement of cables
  • Replacement of terminals
  • Replacement of connector
  • Chassis painting
  • -
  • -
  • -
Fleet Management
Call for Pricing
per Fleet
  • Test battery leves.
  • Weekly equalization
  • Rotation of industrial battery
  • Tests of chargers
  • Replacement programmed by age
  • Optimization and balance of chargers
  • We send Reports
Express - Load Test
Call for Pricing
per Battery
  • Load Test
  • General cleaning
  • Chasis painting
  • Charge / Discharge report
  • Performance Graphics
  • -
  • -


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